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Zappeion Hall

In 1869, the Greek Parliament seized 80,000 square metres (860,000 sq ft) of public land between the Palace Gardens and the ancient Temple of Olympian Zeus. It passed a bill on 30th November 1869 concerning the facilities of the Olympic Games, as Zappeion was the first building to be erected specifically for the revival of

The Hellenic Parliament

The Hellenic Parliament (Greek Parliament of the Hellenes; transliterated Vouli ton Ellinon), is located in the Old Royal Palace, looking onto Syntagma Square in Athens, Greece. The Parliament is the supreme democratic institution that represents the citizens through an elected body of Members of Parliament (MPs). It is a unicameral legislature of 300 members, elected

Arch of Hadrian

The Arch of Hadrian is a monumental gateway resembling, in some respects, a Roman triumphal arch. It spanned an ancient road from the center of Athens, Greece, to the complex of residences on the eastern side of the city including the Temple of Olympian Zeus. It has been suggested that the arch was built to

Temple of Olympian Zeus

The Temple of Olympian Zeus (Greek: Ναὸς τοῦ Ὀλυμπίου Διός, Naos tou Olympiou Dios), also known as the Olympieion or Columns of the Olympian Zeus, is a colossal ruined temple in the centre of the Greek capital Athens dedicated to Zeus, king of the Olympian gods. Its construction dates back to the 6th century BC